NEW MechFiber+

The new KEENAN MechFiber+ range of machines is the latest in the KEENAN family of diet feeders. Delivering the unique MechFiber mix with proven nutritional benefits, the new range has a host of additional design elements and user functionality. Each of the current MechFiber models will be available in the plus range.

The KEENAN MechFiber365+ is in the large-sized range, feeding 100-140 dairy cows per load or 200-280 beef finishers. The machine comes with a heavy-duty sealed oil-bath drive system which is self-lubricating for ease of maintenance. A central greasing manifold allows all front bearings to be greased from one location.

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Key Benefits
  • Fresh new look with specially moulded black pin seal matt finish front covers.
  • Rear ladder made of sleek tubular steel – user-friendly, collapsible and less prone to damage.
  • Mixing chamber containing 6-paddle reel with new style paddle castellations – improved mix quality, less horsepower required, less machine wear.
  • The paddles gently lift & tumble the added materials across the blades ensuring feedstuff is cut to an optimal length without destroying the quality of the fibre. This is to create a mix with the correct chop length & structure for optimum rumen health –
  • Option to add lights over feed-out door and increase the length of the feed-out door – easy to see when ambient lighting is low and quicker feed-out.
  • 4th Generation KEENAN Controller, feed management App and InTouch platform for full oversight of the mixing process and all farm data – see ingredient list and order, monitor costs, refusals etc.
  • Option of key telematics on Controller – oil sensors, chain tension sensor etc. – helps to maintain machine in good working order.

KEENAN MechFiber+ Line-Up

KEENAN Mechfiber+ TMR Feeders come in a variety of sizes to accommodate growing farms. 
The links direct you to the KEENAN website for further details.