Attitude Towards Excellence:
Sgariboldi doubles its presence in Canada partnering with
OHS Feeding and Storage

[INNERKIP, ONTARIO] OHS Feeding and Storage, a leader in the Ontario dairy community, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Sgariboldi, an Italian based manufacturer of innovative self-propelled feed mixing equipment and a global leader in the livestock feeding sector. Through this partnership, OHS will serve as the sales and service provider for Sgariboldi self-propelled mixing equipment in Ontario, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of Canadian farming technology.

At the forefront of this collaboration is the introduction of the Grizzly 7100 vertical self-propelled mixer wagon, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to enhance efficiency and performance on Ontario farms. The Grizzly 7100 boasts several technical advantages that cater specifically to the needs of modern farmers, including compact design, high performance, and advanced mixing technology.

“The Grizzly 7100 is the best self-propelled mixer for Ontario farms,” said Curtis McLean, General Manager of OHS Feeding and Storage. “Its overall design, high performance and fuel efficiency, make it a valuable addition to any farm. Sgariboldi’s commitment to innovation and sustainability align perfectly with our goals to provide our customers with the best possible equipment.”

Key Features of the Grizzly 7100

1. Engine Efficiency: The Grizzly 7100 is available with two options for its 4-cylinder TIER 4 FINAL VOLVO diesel engine – 218 HP or 238 HP – strategically mounted between the cab and mixing tub for optimal weight distribution and working visibility.

2. Fuel Savings: An electronically controlled FAN DRIVE system adjusts the cooling for the engine, reducing fuel consumption and engine noise. The integrated hydraulic oil cooler enhances reliability and reduces maintenance needs.

3. Superior Maneuverability: The limited-slip axles allow for almost 40 degrees of steering angle, which can be increased with optional 4-wheel steering, providing exceptional maneuverability.

4. Customizable Capacity: The mixing tub can be customized with capacities ranging from 18m³ to 25m³, accommodating various herd sizes and anticipated growth.

Sgariboldi Chairman, Luca Sgariboldi, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and the introduction of their product to a new market. “The Sgariboldi team is excited to introduce a new product to the Ontario dairy market, and we are committed to providing ongoing support for customers to maximize the value of this product.”

McLean echoed this, emphasizing the importance of innovative design and energy efficiency in modern farming. “Farmers want to increase productivity while reducing their energy usage. Sgariboldi checks these boxes with the Grizzly 7100”.

The Grizzly 7100 will be on display at the OHS Feeding and Storage booth, located under the big blue silo, at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show from September 10 – 12, 2024. Following this event, OHS will organize a demo tour, offering farmers across the region an opportunity to witness the capabilities of this equipment firsthand.

Founded in 1969, Sgariboldi has a long-standing history of innovation in the livestock feeding industry. The company introduced the first self-propelled mixer to the European market in 1987, revolutionizing the livestock feeding cycle with an all-in-one machine. Sgariboldi remains the only manufacturer globally to offer mixer feeders equipped with all three mixing technologies: horizontal, vertical, and paddle mixing. This versatility has earned Sgariboldi a reputation for providing technologically advanced solutions that are highly valued worldwide.

OHS Feeding and Storage is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the dairy industry. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, OHS specializes in offering state-of-the-art feeding and storage equipment designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of modern farming operations. Our extensive range of products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of farmers, ensuring optimal performance and long-term value. Dedicated to supporting the agricultural community, OHS Feeding and Storage continues to drive advancements in farming technology, helping farmers achieve greater success and sustainability.

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OHS Feeding and Storage
Curtis McLean – General Sales Manager

Massimo Aldini
Sgariboldi North American Sales Manager

OHS – Introducing Sgariboldi